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Canteen Specials

Find this week's specials on the Qkr! app under Recess and Lunch - click on the Weekly Specials tab.

Wednesday only:
   Chicken Chow Mein $3.50
   Individual Fruit Pie  $1.50

Pasta Thursday:
   Sausage Pasta Bake $3.50

Soup Friday:
  Tomato Soup  $3.50

Wednesday - Friday:
   Chocolate Crackle  $1.00
   Berry and Coconut Slice  $1.00
   Apple and Cinnamon Muffin  $1.00

Learning at Home

A friendly reminder to complete the Learning at Home survey by 3.00pm today. This will help us in planning for your child/ren. Thank you

Covid-19 Update

Hygiene continues to be a main priority at school right now.  Students and staff continue to practice good habits, especially washing their hands with soap regularly throughout the day. We will also be staggering recess and lunch to reduce student congestion at different times and spaces across the school starting today.


In our attempt to fulfil social distancing expectations and reduce the number of people in classrooms, we ask that students that are being dropped at school say their goodbyes at the main entrances to the school buildings rather than classrooms.  Students will continue to be collected from the Japanese garden space near the new Prep classrooms.  Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Dairy Careers Expo Update

Dear Parents,

* Please be aware of changes to the departure and arrival times*

On Thursday 24th October, students in Grade 4-5 and 5-6 will be travelling to Burnie to attend the Milking the Future Career Expo.

 This career expo will allow students to engage with employers in the local region. It has a focus on the emerging opportunities in agriculture and dairy. The expo is designed to raise the students’ awareness about the jobs that are available in the agriculture and food industries. Students will get the opportunity to be hands on with activities across a vast range of jobs in their backyard.

 5-6 Possums and 5-6 Numbats will be leaving BHPS at 9.15am and returning to school at 12.30pm.   Students in these classes will need to bring their own recess and drink, but will still be able to order lunch from the school canteen if they wish.

 4-5 Geckos and 5-6 Cockatoos will be leaving BHPS at 11.00am and returning to school at 2.00pm.  Students in these classes will be able to order their recess from the school canteen, but will need to bring their own packed lunch and drink.

 All students are to wear full school uniform.

 Mrs Wilkinson, Miss Nicholls, Miss Turner

& Mr Groenewege

Class Teachers

School Phones

We are currenly having issues with our internet and phones. Please contact our moble if you need to get in touch. 

0497 172 188

BHPS Art Exhibition


Parking on the Oval

Reminder that our final assembly for Term 3 will be held tomorrow, Thursday, 19th September at 1.30pm.

The oval will be open at lunchtime tomorrow for parking.  We understand that we have limited parking in the school car park, and ask that you be mindful about where you park – please do not leave your car unattended outside the shop.  The shop is reliant on business from passing traffic, but if customers are unable to park, the shop loses business.

To access the school oval, turn into Dobson’s Lane by the shop and turn left at the end of the lane, opposite the last house on the right hand side.

Cake Raffle

We holding a cake raffle to raise funds towards our Operation Christmas boxes.

Tickets are $1 each and will be avaliable for students and parents to purchcase from tomorrow.

The raffle will be drawn at our final assembly for term 3 on Thursday 19th September.

School Landline Phone Issues

We appear to still be having some issues with our landline telephone. If you cannot get through on the landline number please text the school mobile 0497 172 188. We endevour to check it as often as possible.  

UNSW REACH Competitions

Apologies for the previous incomplete message. We are having some technical difficulties. Information will be sent out soon.